West Coast Rhythmics acknowledges the importance of the security regarding Personal Data Protection, as well as electronic transactions and has taken all necessary precautions with the use of the latest methods in order to get the best possible security. All the information you provide is safe and confidential.

The use of privacy policy is considered to be obvious. The same basic principles used in everyday transactions are also used in e-commerce. All the information that is transferred between the customer/subscriber and West Coast Rhythmics, owner of are confidential and West Coast Rhythmics has taken all the necessary measures so that they are used in the fashion it should be. Some of the measure taken are:

  • 1. Only approved employees have access to your transactions and only when that is totally needed. i.e. processing
  • 2. West Coast Rhythmics does not reveal its customers information and their transactions unless there is a written request from you or it is requested from a court order.
  • 3. In case West Coast Rhythmics uses third parties for hardware or software support it makes sure that your information remain totally private.
  • 4. You can request the modifications of any information aslong as you can prove that there has been a mistake.
  • 5. For your own protection, you will have to make sure that all the information you have are not shared with third party members and that they remain totally confidential.


For each product sold in our shop, West Coast Rhythmics offers a 12-month warranty.